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Audiobro Modern Scoring Strings


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I think it's not uncommon for most of the comprehensive libraries to have one or the other.
Which I always considered a major issue. Neither one is a substitute for the other. Players will be often alternating bow strokes when playing.


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Lass... This was always on sale and i cannot buy it, cause this library sounds awful...
I dont understand, why Lass was so hyped by so many out there...
I think, the old VSL silent stage libraries are better, than LASs..
So why are you all into Lass. What are the benefits with this ultra dry library.... And why is the legato so awful... I don´t understand the hype for Audio Bro... Look at the Symphony Strings by NI... They are unusable and wow awful... So whats so great with Audio Bro?

PS: Apple M1...please wait for the next generation coming with the mbpro16, Imac and more...
I tested my friends arm Mac and for audio and espically sample libraries... Its not worth it, cause of many reasons...

Well, I can’t speak to taste, how we all hear things is ultimately up to us. I am a long time LASS user. I use them all the time. I don’t even eq them much, I just accept the way they sound. Obviously, modest use of modwheel is the key. This has been discussed to death.

Lass can sound ugly, brash, especially that upper mid range on the violins. But so can the real thing. This is what actually impressed me the most when it came out, finally a library with the guts to give you the tools to make things sounds ‘on the other side of pretty’. It does not always work, it is not always the best choice. But it brings life to the mockup, the cellos are especially great. Ok maybe they have been strongly eq’d, they sound really forward in the midrange, but boy can they punch.

In the right hands, with the right arrangement, this is a libray with the capacity to emote very strongly. This appears to be an Audiobro trait, same as their brass. No training wheels or safety belt, you don’t program them with respect, it will suck. So don’t suck.

Your loss is my gain.

I do hope there is a balance between the rawness of the old, but with some potential for added finess in the new lib. I for one will buy it as a no brainer. As was expressed by a fellow colleague here, my ROI on this lib has been ridiculous, LASS has paid for itself a hundred times over.

Looking forward to the new lib, I’m sure it will be fantastic.


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1) they may just not implement it
2) they may implement it the CineStrings way (legato transitions with short notes overlay) but in MSS they may even take advantage for more convincing results with the various note attacks which they already recorded. Or...
3) go for scripted bow-change legato with the intuition patches

Interesting. (Thanks)

It would also be nice if an AudioBro beta-tester can give us some feedback on this.


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The entirety of our knowledge of MSS pricing is that owners of LASS Full will get a "good" upgrade price and that we'll learn more soon. That's all we know lol.
I'm guessing that there will be a separate upgrade price for Legato Sordino owners because MSS is showing a separate add on library for extra sordino , sul pont and sul tasto articulations. More info needed please.


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Does anyone think spitfire solo strings, mainly just the close mic, will work well with MSS with use of Seventh Heaven reverb? I see that there are solo instruments included in MSS, and it seems like they cover most of the bread and butter articulations. Maybe I should save my money and not purchase spitfire solo?

Or I guess at this point, no one knows much about what's going to work or not work. I have emotional violin and cello from BF, and I am guessing, although difficult to program well, they will do better.
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@dxmachina If I may make a suggestion for a future update: It’d be great if you could implement Bartok pizz. for all instruments, not just basses. Those may be the most popular, but just like with sul tasto, the fact that Bartok on violins/violas/cellos isn’t as commonly used doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be super useful to have when you need it. :2thumbs:


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I know everyone is anxious for some more info on pricing and video/audio. I think you can expect that after the holidays.
@dxmachina I would like to know if Audiobro intends to follow the same scheme as Modern Scoring Brass, a high introductory price and better discount later? I believe the intro price should be the best price on a product for at least the first 2-3 years of it's existence...


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@dxmachina I would like to know if Audiobro intends to follow the same scheme as Modern Scoring Brass, a high introductory price and better discount later? I believe the intro price should be the best price on a product for at least the first 2-3 years of it's existence...
Yea MSB dropping to $399 so soon when intro price was $599 sounds like a bad joke, I'd be upset. Waiting to see if MSS will have a better pricing scheme.


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Happy New Year, everyone! Hope everyone had a great holiday.

I believe MSS pricing will all be announced this week (including all the various product-to-product pricing). If there are any questions after that let me know.

Yes, I would like to hear from AudioBro or beta-testers if MSS offers Bowed-Legatos ?
We do have a feature for playing bowed/bow-change legato and it does not use any extra short sample overlays. Recording a huge variety of sustain attacks and dynamics allows us to offer this. It will be accessible in realtime in our unified patch architecture... which means you can change all the legato playing technique through CCs, Velocity, KeySwitches, and/or automation.

How well does this lib handle playable runs/ fast legato?
I think you'll be pleased, but better to let this get covered in audio/video and let you decide. My opinion is biased by a couple years of intense work. :)

How many dynamic layers does the lib have?
It's not a simple answer... but generally 4 dynamics for each of the 3 sustain-attack-types (and then ag 3/4 more with multiple attacks for non vibrato). In practice (at least in my opinion) it's really like having 12 sustained dynamic techniques with Vibrato control - and offers the best balance of expression/playability and sample-count.
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Surprised (as a non-LASS owner) at the loyalty price, but that regular intro price is very aggressively competitive indeed. Can't wait to hear it in action, looks like things are right on schedule.
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