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Audiobro Modern Scoring Strings


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  • Modern Scoring Strings Expanded Legato Library Size:
    • About 60GB with lossless compressed audio files (approximately 80GB uncompressed). 70GB required during installation for the entire 60GB library.

I'm wondering if the Expanded Legato Library is a separate purchase from the Full library.
If it is, I'm assuming its going to be a library which costs like $1500 when getting both :faint:


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If the separate Legato Sordino library is any indication, then yeah. I'm guessing under $800 for normal full, 300 for the extended legatos. Loyalty discounts for LASS users spanning 11 years of purchasing (from 1200 down to current 400 BF deal) is going to be controversial. Do you give them MSS for 200? 250? Honestly it suggests the price tag will be higher than 800... it just depends who they want to piss off less :)


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I’m anxious to see what the loyalty discount is going to be. “LASS Full owners will be happy!”

Vladimir Bulaev

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ShortsMartelé, staccato, staccatiossimo, spiccato. Depending on the section (Vlns vs Vlas), with combined divisi playing at the same time, you can have up to 256 round robins for the violins, and 16 for all the other sections. Powerful play-assist, key switching, CC, and host automation options allow for changing these in a way that suits your work style.
256 round robins? What does it mean? A typo?
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