Audiobro Modern Scoring Brass (MSB)


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Audiobro's MSB webpage says : Coming Soon. Estimated April 19th, so Yes, they might be releasing it today, but there is also the possibility it won't be out today.


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MSB has quite a large memory footprint

Library Size:

  • About 160GB with loss-less compressed audio files (approximately 260GB uncompressed). 300GB required during installation.


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I only had a few minutes to listen before I have to get back to work but the trumpets sound stellar to me. Everything has a pretty old school scoring stage sound ironically. Very much not the AIR sound.

If the dynamics are really there, and the divisi really works, it's gonna be hard to say no to this. But oh my gosh the VEPro RAM hit this is gonna cause...


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Your favorite is?

Great pricing for the amount of content btw...

no doubt its a great new addition. Its a little too clean and pretty at points where I'd like a brass library to have more growl and edge. Century brass, CSB, Spitfire, Berlin all have a bit more versatile sound that I prefer, but again, this engine beats them and as you said the amount of content at the price is very competitive.