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Audio Brewers 'The Upright' intro price ends TOMORROW! 50% off!


Are you listening?

Our beautiful and mellow upright piano recorded, mixed and delivered in Ambisonics was the result of many months of experimentation, research and a lot of sampling hours!

With a total of over 42.000 Samples and 100GB (compressed to 49GB), 'The Upright' is being released in five stages - each one coming with a unique Volume. No matter when you decide to get it, you will receive all five Volumes (as they are released!).

Volume I (along with intro price) contains beautiful clean sustains.
Volume II contains absolute intimacy brought by the delicate touch of the Felt Keys and lands tomorrow, December 29th at 5PM UK Time.

By purchasing 'The Upright' today, you will receive the first volume on purchase and the second volume tomorrow (December 29th) at NO EXTRA COST. Additionally, you will receive Volumes III, IV and V as they are released throughout January!

'The Upright' is natively compatible with any speaker-array configuration from Stereo, Surround, Atmos, Binarual and even VR applications!

Furthermore, 'The Upright' comes with mirrored Stereo NKI patches for those who simply want to have an absolutely beautiful-sounding piano in their arsenal.

Intro price ends TOMORROW, December 29th at 5pm UK Time! Don't miss it!

See all the information, demos, and a plethora of documentation here: https://bit.ly/3pvroGu

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