Ascent - Need feedback please


not that stupendous
Hi everybody! I've put out a new track that my friends and family seem to like, but I would really appreciate feedback from some folks who know what's what.



Simple and cool. I'd advice you to lean some dynamics in the strings beginning, as they sound to me a bit too linear in terms of dynamic. You could also spatialize more your mix, for example by putting the strings on one side (middle-left or middle-right) and the synth effect (at 0:40) on the opposite side :) I like the atmosphere, but you could either make shorter the parts of your song, or enrich them more, in order to make your track more dynamic. :) hope that helps
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Jeremy Spencer

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I really like the idea, but found it too monotonous. I would try breaking it up somehow (additional theme??). Also, I was really wanting to gear some double basses added in the opening progression. Just my 2 cents!