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As I prepare for the alleged "Snowpocalypse" in my neck of the woods...


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Thumbs up for Happy! Enjoyed it a lot.

It is "good", but I stopped watching because I found it too deeply disturbing. There's so much stuff in that world that is just fucked up.
Have you watched Ajin?

Don't watch Nightflyers then. I'm only 2 episodes in and I'm liking it so far. A bit like Event Horizon if it was turned into a TV show.

I quite liked "The Punisher", but you've probably watched that already.
Ajin is really good. Is there going to be a new season?


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For what it's worth I somehow managed to fly in to Seattle saturday and fly out sunday. We were without power for about 4 hours saturday and the whole city shut down stores and restaurants but otherwise non-eventful. Had tasty frozen pizza from a gas station that had a generator running.


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Altered Carbon -- had phenomenal story & visuals if you're okay with a lot of.... Moments where it definitely earns it's mature rating.

Travelers -- I liked a lot.

The Bodyguard (British series) -- great if you like political thriller.
Season 2 started out lame and got much better but they cancelled it.
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