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As a freelancer, how do you prioritize what to do?


An actual volleyball
Thanks for listening and for your kind words. Poeta is in the vein of Kingdom Hearts though I never played that game (didn't grow up playing video games); my influences come more from classical music. Yeah, the Samplephonics Celtic vocals still appeal, though it's now an old library.
You have some nice tracks, too! I liked the morphing and emotional atmospheres of Northern Valley and Starlet Noir in particular. Summer Blur is also really cool.
Good luck in your journey back into VGM.
Thanks for listening! I'm glad you like those two, they're both library demo rejects so they have a special place in my heart lol. I hope that creative fog clears for you soon. If anything you should post some stuff, it's really good.

And thank you I'll need some luck. With social media I have literally no idea wtf I'm doing :)
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