Ares on the Ecliptic (Instrumental Soundtrack-style, short)


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Home hobbyist here (i.e. simple composition). I picked up some sounds on sale and the rest sort of fell into place. I don't have time to make many tracks per year, and this is only the second-ever soundtrack-style song. I've learned a bit reading this forum - including which instruments to pick up (most recently Majestic Horn). In a way it's a "thanks" for this forum.

This song features more instruments than I thought as I list them out....

Soundiron Apocalypse Elements (the root and foundation of the track)
D16 Punchbox
Soundiron Hyperion Strings Elements
Native Instruments Session Strings 2
Performance Samples Solo Violin Legato
8dio Lacrimosa
Performance Samples Oceania
XLN Addictive Keys
Sonivox Orchestral Companion Brass
EastWest Hollywood Brass Silver
U-He Hive 2
Zero-G Ethera Gold

DAWs: Waveform 10 + Mixbus 32C