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Are You a Composer in Southern California? Do you have....Needs?


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Tech needs, that is! :thumbsup:

I am an independent technical consultant specializing in computery things for media composers.

Whether you work in the box or have racks full of hardware, whether you have wrapped up your latest season or are planning to start your next project in a few weeks, now is the perfect time to upgrade and streamline your studio!

Some services I can provide:
- New template building (haven't moved to Logic 10.4.6 yet? You'll love it!!)
- New Mac spec/migration/authorization/optimization
- Rig cloning (gotta keep those assistants happy on parity!)
- Funky-problem troubleshooting

Depending on the scope of work, rates could be hourly or flat. Furthermore:

25% off for all jobs which begin in August 2019!

Let's chat! Send me a PM with your needs.

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