Are these notes for French Horn correct?


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I alluded to this problem in another post, but it was not the main focus of that post. I'm baffled by these notes for French horn in a score for Dukas' Fanfare Pour preceder la Peri. They seem awfully low, almost improbably low, and the chord as voiced this way for brass doesn't sound good to my ears. But that could be a problem on my end -- misreading the score. Anyway, could a French horn really play these notes? They would be concert pitch G1 and G0... Thanks for any info.Dukas fanfare score.jpg


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in some older scores, in bass clef FHNs' concert pitch is UP a 4th, rather than down a 5th. Still pretty low, but not as much as you might think.

So in the first bar you circled it would sound concert G octaves, above the written Ds.

The whole thing would sound like a big G major chord, assuming the trumpets are C trumpets.