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Are there typically good Christmas sales too?


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So I've been composing for three years now, but the majority of my products are from Best Service (specifically Tarilonte libraries). Right now is the first time that I'm really branching significantly beyond that (buying orchestral libs) and I'm amazed at the awesomeness of these black friday deals. I'm just curious ... is it common for all of these developers to have great Christmas/New Years sales too? I know Best Service normally has a 2 for 1 for New Years, but I have no clue about other developers.

The main reason that I ask is that I feel somewhat pressured to make a bunch of purchases in the next few days due to these Black Friday sales. It would be nice to know that there were plenty more good sales coming around in about a month's time ...


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yes, most of the developers out there offer an xmas/newyear sale.

ive read in another thread you compose celtic like music. maybe you want to have a look at east west composer cloud. its pretty cheap and may offer alot what you are looking for.

i know quite a few who use those for "celtic medieval" medieval music.


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Some people get cash as a Christmas gifts and like any good junky they'd spend it on VST's if there were post Christmas sales.


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Yep, of course we will all be even broker by next month. lol Do not buy sample libraries on sale with a credit card unless you pay it right off.

My work gives out a AE gift card, I may use part of that for something next month. Last year I grabbed Box of Tricks.

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I think generally the best offers are on Black Friday. Some devs only have Christmas sales, but I don't think many will have better than now, if they have a sale now.


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Thanks for the input guys. It seems the consensus is that there are typically xmas sales. It's hard to imagine anything being better than what I'm seeing right now for Black Friday ... but it's good to know that there should still be more sales coming up :)

@Heroix I generally stay away from East West libraries, just a personal preference. Thank you for your suggestion though!


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Most Christmas ones are better imo, last year I snagged Sonokinetic Ostinato Strings for free!
Sonokinetic definitely has a bigger sale with their "12 Days of Xmas" sale, or whatever it's called, by offering a new product on sale each day. Compare that with the paltry two items on sale for their BF sale. It's their company, so they can do what they want, but it's always hit or miss as far as whether the product they offer for sale is one that you actually want. I'm not holding my breath that the one I want will be offered this year.
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