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Are the EIS courses and books still available?


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Hello -

I just found and started exploring this particular forum on EIS composition. I visited the EIS web-site and became further interested in what the course had to offer. When I went to look into purchasing a book, there was nothing available for purchase.

At this point in my life, I really do not have the time to commit to a one and one, teacher/student, method of learning which apparently is also offered. Rather, I wish to simply purchase the first couple of books on EIS and self-learn. If/when time and money becomes available, then I would consider personal instruction if offered.

I checked Amazon and there was one book listed with a notice that it was out of print. Are EIS books available for purchase? If so, where might I purchase the first couple of books?

Craig Sharmat

Sorry Ted

The books are not available for purchase. The wishes of the creator of the course, Spud Murphy, wanted the books to be only sold to students of the course. The main reason being the language and intent of the course can be easily mistaken so it needs to be taught by a competent teacher.


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Craig -

That makes sense. I don't have the funds or time to commit to a course-like structure, unfortunately. But I can do self-learning. Oh well. Maybe in the (hopefully not too distant) future I can commit to such a course. I like what I've seen and heard so far. I'm hungry to expand my composition and arranging/orchestrating skills.

Thank you for the kind and swift response.


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I'm very late to comment, sorry.
Although EIS needs to be in the teacher/student format, you can definitely go at your own pace. If it takes a week, month, or two months for you to finish a lesson and be ready for the next lesson, then that's ok (at least it was with my teacher).

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