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Anyone using Native Instruments Form?


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Was thinking about grabbing it soon rather than waiting for the next Komplete. Was wondering if anyone's using it, getting interesting sound design results?


Yes, that's an alto flute
I only have it since a few days and digging through it now, but I can say it is amazing. You can create very nice and unique stuff in a relative short time. I find it easy and intuitive to use and I have totally no regrets so far.
I am not a big synth guru and using this mainly now (together with Serum) for a working project where I need to focus on creating more unique and modern sound design stuff, but for this it is wonderful :) Maybe you picked it up already in the meantime and just saw this thread.


I got it and used it for sound designing (creations of magical FX) and it helped me a lot. Not very hard to learn ; a lot of possibilities.


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So how versatile is SLOO? It seems like one of those instruments that does some cool tricks, but then you find that most of the sounds are pretty similar. But I'm into weird glitchy stuff, so I'm very interested in what I've seen.

Also, Hi! First post from me after lurking for about a year.


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Cheers, will pick it up next week.

Here is another one you guys might like. https://shop.timexile.com/products/sloo

All these grain tools (Granulate) are fantastic, if you have Omni 2 check out Pendles new granular Soundset as well.
My bad, but can't find 'Pendles granular Soundset' ... so far. Do you have a Link ??

(EDIT) Sorry ... if you're talking Pendle Poucher _ Sound Dust .... then I found them. (EDIT)

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