Anyone use Kurzweil Forte as a main studio MIDI controller?



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Kurzweils have always been stellar as MIDI controllers. Just one of the most flexible things ever.
Good to know.
I have a brand new Kurzweil Forte now, seems like a very complicated machine, I barely started to use it, didn't connect it yet to my PC.

So I want to know what to expect.

Also, it is a big and heavy keyboard so not likely that I will play on it outdoor, and I have few other keyboards but none of them are a great MIDI controller for DAW work.
I'm looking for some review on the instrument while I just learn the instrument.

I'd say for the price that I paid for the keyboard, it is worth it even just as a MIDI controller - for some reason it costs 2/3 the price that it costs in the USA, although all other competitor more expensive in my country than in the USA(Korg Kronos, Nord Stage, Yamaha Montage - all are more expensive in my country).
It is also much less expensive in my country than the Korg Kronos I wanted before.
Korg Kronos is about 5,000$ and Kurzweil Forte is about 3,100$ in my country.

I don't have any idea why the Kurzweil Forte is so cheap in my country, this is a very weird thing.
It maybe the best all around sounding workstation in today market so good for me.

Most keyboardist in my country prefer the Nord Stage and I think this is the most popular keyboard among keyboardists in my county, but I think most of these guys don't appreciate great orchestral sounds and just looking for great AP, EP, hammond, and some basic synth.


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Better start reading that manual. What you want to know is the Multi mode. This is where all the magic regarding MIDI control happens.