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Anyone know where I can find older versions of Metaserver to download?


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I can't find them on the Metagrid website. Am down because version 3 of Metaserver isn't working with my iPad since upgrading to it. I need Version 2 for Windows. Can someone point me to where they are, or send me yours? Thanks!
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I have 2.1.3 on my system here. Happy to send a dropbox link. It was compiled May 8, 2020.

I'm on Mac though. Don't have Windows version


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There have to be big amounts of people here who use Metaserver for Windows -- can anyone please send me the last version 2 (not version 3) of it? I'm dead in the water and depend heavily on Metagrid. No responses on the forum there, and Przemeck hasn't responded to my request for days. Feels like Metagrid is a ghost town!
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