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Anyone holding out on CSB for Modern Scoring Brass (MSB) ?

Are you waiting on CSB purchase until more MSB details emerge?

  • Yes, I'm waiting to decide until I have more details on MSB

    Votes: 35 42.2%
  • No, I'm buying CSB now (or have already bought it)

    Votes: 48 57.8%

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CSB looks great ... but MSB also looks like it'll be great and should theoretically offer a lot more functionality and flexibility. Is anyone holding off on CSB until MSB comes out? (Or at least until more details like pricing and demos/walkthroughs emerge)


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CSB is in my universe I think (cinematic studio brass) but MSB isn't... what is it?


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CMIIW, from what I research the midi delay of CSS, so will it happen the same problem to CSB? (I don't follow the updates progress etc)
And also MSB, the LASS 2.5 is hard to study so I am still at LASS 1.5, so will MSB easy to use?
I love the easier concept, load & play, just like Caspian (all libraries from Performance Samples concept or Musical Sampling)


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Nah, not holding out for it. Spitfire's new one will do me just fine. I think this will be pretty far out of my budget anyway.


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I've been trying to get something from the developer in another thread but no luck so far https://vi-control.net/community/threads/audiobro-modern-scoring-brass-msb.76944/

A friend contacted their support and was told they would continue to release details (including price, demos and videos) in the next months, as they approach release.

Honestly I wouldn't expect anything before March 2019. Happy to be wrong ;)

If you need a brass library now, go with CSB, that's probably what I'm going to do. Judging from what I've heard so far, CSB sounds very realistic and it's faster to work with than anything I own, including Berlin Brass.


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I am holding out until I hear demos and walkthroughs about MSB, and AudioBro has given great walkthroughs so far with their previous libraries. I really want to have the ultimate brass library in my hands, which does ppp -> fff, can do divisi, sounds great out of the box, has good selection of mics, can do both slow and fast well, and has smooth legato.

What's intriguing about MSB is that it can do divisi (basically I can load one patch, play solo lines, or a2, a3 or a4 passages), it has 30 recorded instruments, you can change attack type for any articulation (similar to Chris Hein's libraries), lots of short articulations. Also it has sizzle knob, which I think gives brassy, forced tone, or dark, mellow tone, which is wonderful to have, because I've understood that playing cuivre (brassy, forced tone) doesn't equal to playing loud. That's what most libraries do: play loud and it will sound brassy. :) Being able to change the color of the tone gives more control to the user. Can't wait to hear, how the library sounds.

CSB on the other hand so far looks like it could be my favorite brass library, when considering just the sound. The library isn't giving that much control to the user, but it doesn't need to, because the library seems to have very clever scripting under the hood. I'm not sure though, how I would use it e.g. for horn chords: Would I use the solo horn on 4 separate midi tracks, or the 4 horns patch in a chord, and how would it sound?


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The thing about MSB that impresses me most is the vast range of instruments. 8 horns, Bb, C, and Piccolo trumpets, etc. That is moving in the direction that offers the most promise, I think. Andrew has a knack for developing great sounding, and usable libraries, I have no concerns that he won't do the same with brass.

But it is a ways off, and it is out of my comfortable price range.

CSB, on the other hand, is here today, and sounds amazing. I know from using CSS and CSSS that it will be pretty easy to use, after I stumble over the learning curve. I sorta/kinda wish it had a few more instruments (more horns for harmony, C trumpet, piccolo trumpet, maybe flugel horn?) but I will try combining libraries to get the "extra" instruments. It's also closer to my comfort zone financially.

Karl Feuerstake

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Spitfire Studio Brass all the way. Might get the audiobro stuff some time after its out as its gonna cost more than a new desktop build.


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Hopefully by the time MSB is released, I'll have the money to either buy it or CSB! I already spent a significant amount of money on a number of great libraries... hardly any spare coins left now, so I might as well wait.


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I'm not exactly holding out, I've made up my mind that unless it's prohibitively expensive with no good upgrade paths I'll get MSB because of my trust in the company and I'll be fine on brass until then. It wouldn't make much sense to buy into CSB's ecosystem at this point but I adore the sound of it. If MSB is out of reach then I'll give it a much more serious look
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