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Anyone fancy a (gasp!) VSL string trio?

Paul T McGraw

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Sounds great. I have tried other solo strings, but VSL is still king for anything remotely classical in nature. The cello, in particular, sounds great.

I could not follow the structure, which always makes me feel a bit disoriented. I never could identify any unifying motive or melody. Perhaps that is not your style. Anyway, great sound, great performance, very musical.
Dear Villain

Dear Villain

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for listening and for your kind words. I guess with regard to form/structure, the overarching motives/themes are not as readily transparent as Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, but I definitely try to incorporate subtle motives that are developed and transformed during the piece. Further, rhythmic patterns and harmonic progressions can be utilized to add cohesion to a piece without the need to necessarily follow for instance, a sonata allegro form. I'll often even bookmark a piece with the opening phrase used to conclude the piece.

That's not to say I haven't written numerous works with a more obvious form (Classical Follies for String Orchestra, Awakening for Piano Trio, Cantus Quintus for Brass Quintet are a few such examples) but I never allow myself to be constrained by conventional musical elements unless I feel that's the direction I want to go from the start.

Hope this sheds some light on my thought process,

David Carovillano
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Paul T McGraw

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Hi David,

I like the piece as is. I suppose we will just have to agree to disagree regarding the importance of a more obvious structure. I did not intend to sound overly critical. This is an impressive piece. I will repeat myself since I am sincere (ha, sort of like a structural element :)) great sound, great performance, very musical.
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