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Any tips for creating a portfolio website as an aspiring film and game composer?


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If I were to build a portfolio website to support my outreach to filmmakers and game developers, what should I be mindful of? I came up with:
  • Three to five "spotlight" works (full version) -> hosted on SoundCloud? Or native on the website itself? Or..?
  • An overview of styles I can write in, to show my versatility? I was thinking of snippets of 30 sec per style (e.g. 'something romantic', 'car chase', 'royal march', etc.)
  • Short bio
  • .. what else?
Very grateful for any pointers you may have for me - have a great day!


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As someone who has spend quite a lot of time the last 10 years looking at portfolios and applications (albeit for designers and not musicians), id say the following would still hold true:

1. Shorter always wins. Write a few sentences, not an essay. No one has the time, or the interest to read it. And don't be boring: Be personal.

2. Get straight to the content. If you email, include a clickable link to the website. And make sure that there is a play button on the first screen. No one has the time or will to search for it.

3. Always include a photo of yourself. I know it shouldn't matter but it does. Faces are easier to remember.

4. Remove any work that's bad. And start with the best. Is less better than more? I'd say no. More is better, as long as it's all top level. The quality is what's important.

5. Unless you're a professional webdesigner and developer, go for something like Squarespace. It will look more professional. And again. Play button on the first page or the tab get's closed. Next! :P


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Excellent advice there, @mybadmemory !! I want to keep my page very lean, and I might opt for a single (endless scroll) page. If that's alright with you, I would love to run my design by you once I start building the page.

Squarespace looks excellent, by the way! I was going to go with good ol' Wordpress, but I think Squarespace will be a lot easier to get up and running + maintaining.
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