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Any love for the 8Dio New Plucked Grand Piano?


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I love me some plucked pianos!... but between the two UVI prepares pianos, the 8DIO prepared grand, and the Soundiron Plucked, I think I, like you, probably have my basses covered on plinky plonky piano stuff... (... At this point it’s a coin toss whether I end up picking this one up o_O :rofl:)


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It doesn't have a lot of reverb on it. Hammered and plucked. And I think you can do an A/B blend of them. There's also the LFO thing. And I probably have plenty but for $8, I figured I could try it.


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I have 2 or 3 of the Hybrid tools already. So I probably won't get the NEO. They tend to sound alike to me after a while. I know if you use this type of stuff they probably don't sound the same. And if you don't have any, this one seems to cover the bases.


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Spending more time with this, I adore the hammered samples. I never realized how long the recorded sustain is - some of the lower strings are about 17 seconds long, the middle and higher strings range from 8-15 seconds. At times it feels more like some of my zithers and dulcimers, which I love. Something like the Xtended Piano's plucked patch has a slightly longer sustain, but it sounds a bit closer to a harpsichord.
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