Any love for Gullfoss?

Geoff Grace

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In case you missed it...
Gullfoss v1.7.0 update was released July 14th
download at

v1.7.0 (2020-07-14)
• Added “session bypass” affecting all instances accessible by shift-clicking the bypass button.
• [WIN] Improved processing performance.

v1.6.3 (2020-06-05)
• Fixed an issue that could lead to the mouse pointer vanishing.
• [MAC] Fixed an issue with audio unit instantiation on older macOS versions
Thanks for the info, TheSteven! Session Bypass sounds like a very useful feature.




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Based on the feedback here I tried it, though only quickly. For some reason it consistently crashed my (new) Windows 10 PC so I removed it. What I heard was interesting though perhaps not as compelling as I expected, but I'm sure more time with it would have been very worthwhile. I'll probably stay with Neutron (esp. Sculptor), Ozone and Clariphonic as my core.