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Any advise, feedback?

James H

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Sounds nice! Very relaxing and flowing :)

I'm not a film score dude, so take anything I say and throw it away!
Sounds a little like 2 pieces put together, without a strong melody tying them together? Hard to say without knowing the context the piece is for though.


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I guess you have visuals/a storyline to what you're writing for (short film). We don't have that information, that makes it a little bit challenging to give you some good feedback. But for what it is worth ...

I've listened to it on my headphones. It sounds good. Instruments are well placed. Orchestration choices, I think they work.

You don't give us listeners a comfort hand that guides you through the piece ... like the other comment: meaning a melody that we recognize and can hold on to. Maybe that is not problem, depends on what the purpose is of your music track in the short film.

I don't understand the why of the more 'epicness' part. It surprised me. Didn't expect that. Maybe you can create a transition to it in your composition?
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