Another score question


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Right - that I understand. But don't the first two horn players get the music for Horn 1,2, and the other two get the music for Horns 3,4?

Or are the parts broken down in four parts, one for each horn?
It all depends on how complicated the music is, and how tight the deadline. It's preferable only to have their own part, but sometimes needs must.


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From a retired horn player who spent a fair amount of time in the studio:

As far as number of parts in a part, I agree with Daryl. Optimal is every player having their own part. If the parts are simple you can get by with 2 horns to a part. If it is more complex and especially if there are voice crossings then best to stick to one part per player. Never 4 parts to a staff unless you want lots of retakes.

Remember typical studio workflow is to read the chart down once and then start doing takes. Any bizzare notation will cost you time.

To the OP, what I have seen most often in that scenario is 3o with the "o" even with the top of the 3. Never saw -4 ever. As a 4th player I would think I could go for a coffee.....or or a beer depending on the time of day :grin: