Another quest for recommendations for orchestral percussion library.

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Grumpy Monkey

I currently use NI Perc (the full version) for timpani, sometimes snares and cymbals. It's decent for drums and metals and most of those have rolls that work nicely. The pitched perc is largely useless though.

It's resellable, so there's that. Maybe in that price range it would be worth checking out Strezov's perc as well. And, of course, ISW's Rhapsody and Project Sam's Truestrike.

Mark Schmieder

Senior Member
One of the interesting things about ISW Rhapsody, is that it proved very helpful in evaluating REAL percussion to buy when I ordered some wood blocks and temple blocks recently.

I already knew how well Rhapsody sits in the mix, so I wanted to make sure any live percussion I bought would have similar timbre and dryness.

Most likely, ISW used the same Grover Percussion models that I bought. VSL tends to use German brands that we don't know as well over here. Not sure about Spitfire.