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Announcing: the 12-tone randomizer!


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Are you looking for the universal solution to all your problems? Do not worry! We have just the tool for you!

NO MORE C-MAJOR CHORDS! Unleash your true creativity by using the 12-TONE RANDOMIZER - the first chapter in the series is the 12-tone PIANO randomizer. Soon you will be also able to compose music with you favourite orchestral samples!

Do not hesitate - download the library now and jump right into the botomless sea of true art!

||| https://www.strezov-sampling.com/…/…/12-TONE-RANDOMIZER.html |||


Very good! Exceptional!

- some guy

Needs more cowbell!

- Christopher Walken

Our computer crashed while calculating all the round-robins and dynamic layers. Best connect your DAW with the fridge as a slave machine and get a spare car battery.


I just hang around pretending I know something
Is this an actual product? Because it sounds just like how I write.

What's sad is that statement is kind of true.
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