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André Prévin - 1929-2019


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Previn began his musical life "like young." Born in Berlin on April 6, 1929, as Andreas Ludwig Priwin, he grew up in Los Angeles. His family fled Germany in 1938 and first moved to Paris, and then New York, before landing in Hollywood. As a wunderkind teenager, he played piano at the Rhapsody Theatre, improvising scores at silent film screenings.

Previn won four Oscars for his film work, including his adaptation of the score for the movie version of My Fair Lady. He also won 10 Grammy Awards for his film, jazz and classical recordings, as well as a Lifetime Achievement prize in 2009; he was also awarded a Kennedy Center Honor in 1998. This versatile, gifted musician was so multi-talented. But Page argues that his best work was far removed from the concert stage.

"As good as some of his high-classical music was," Page says, "I'm not sure he ever did any better work than he did as a jazz pianist and writing for film. And there's no disgrace in that whatsoever — I think [it's] really good jazz piano. And he was so musical, and so lyrical and so inventive — it's a real accomplishment."



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A great influence in my musical life.
After reading his obit, I see that he had great taste in wives too!


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Ah another great one has left. The book 'No Minor Chords' is worth a read. It's from his first hand perspective of what the studio was like then. Also the title comes from his interaction with a client. Still very apt in some musical situations today.


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Long term admirer of André Prévin. I had initially known him from his film scores and classical background, and was amazed to hear how good a jazz pianist he was, after winning 10 Jazz CD's in a competition years ago, which included the 'After Hours' album linked in the first post above. Amazing talent, and from all reports I've read, a lovely guy too. Sad to hear this news, but what a wonderful musical life and legacy.


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Wow this has really hit me. Previn really had a viseral understanding of the world and it showed in his music and performance in whatever he did classical or jazz. We have lost someone really special. Holy crap.

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