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Hello VI-community,

First of all, thanks for everything. All your knowledge and helpfulness is invaluable for someone like me who is new to virtual instruments.

I have been following this forum for about a year. I'll post every now and then, but as a beginner I won't have too much to contribute (for now :)). I learned so much already, I hope one day I can give something back.

I don't compose for media and I don't intend to. I work an my own private projects for my own pleasure which are inspired by composers like Morton Feldmann, Giacinto Scelsi, Kryzstof Penderecki, Anna Thorvakdsdottir, some Drone / Noise / Ambient as well as traditional Sacred Music. I use libraries like Spitfire Solo Strings, Albion V, the Olafur Arnalds series, Dominus Choir, Joshua Bell Violin etc...

See you around

Cheers and kind regards from Austria
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