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Ample Sound releases Guitar Riffer (v2.5 update) - Guitars 20% Off

Jason Morin

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Ample Sound has released free updates of version 2.5 for all nine of its virtual guitars.

The updates include a new module, Riffer, a riff generator featuring MIDI edit of stringed instruments, multiple formats conversion, automatic riff creation, etc. The initial update includes 500 classic riffs. The Guitar Riffer has improved vastly based on Bass Riffer, adding Strum and Multi-Measures features.


String Roll – original notation of stringed instrument

Riffer uses the notation invented by Ample Sound – String Roll. Traditional tab can only write quantized MIDI. It only records fingering without directly showing important information such as pitch, velocity and so on. While a Piano Roll can show MIDI in good detail, it cannot avoid using keyswitches and MIDI controller for fingering, articulation, expression of stringed instruments, resulting in messy notation.

String Roll preserves the composing details of MIDI while it can clearly show fingering, articulation, expression, and even noise in string performances. Every note has 8 attributes - pitch, velocity, length, off velocity, articulation, legato, vibrato and bend, with which the user can make a delicate lick.

The line represents guitar string. Text on the notes represents pitch, Color represents velocity, and length represents duration. Four independent attributes - articulation, legato, vibrato, bend - are shown as icons above. Additionally, any noise including fret buzz, finger slapping or any other special performing skills could be written on the FX-line, which is below the guitar strings.

Information shown on the notes can be changed to various parameters such as pitch, fret, pitch + fret, velocity, duration, off velocity.

The user can easily use the graphic curve above to create a bend. Pitch wheel messages generated by this can also be used for bend in other virtual instruments.

Swing, Velocity Humanization, Velocity Proportion and other real-time parameters can give controllable humanization for quantized MIDI notes.


Strum Feature

Strum Note can control each note in the chord, and other 8 properties including Chord Root, Chord Type, Chord Position, Articulation, Legato, Strum Time, Velocity, Strum Mode. The change of Strum Note will be applied to all notes in the chord. Strummer could make strum quickly even for live play in real time, but Riffer can realize almost all articulations in real playing and conveniently play solo and arpeggio between the strums.

Dice - Automatic Composing

Select the Density of notes, key, chord, range of velocity, click the dice and a main riff will be created. It is not simply a random algorithm, it summarizes the rules of scale and groove of different styles through analyzing a great collection of music scores.

The Guitar Dice uses different logic from the one in Bass Riffer.

Multiple Formats Conversion

Users can write and compose in Riffer, then directly drag the riff to a MIDI track. Every fingering, articulation, and expression will be automatically converted to MIDI keyswitch and controller. Riffer humanizations can also be included in MIDI.

The user can also import their own MIDI files and tabs into Riffer without any loss (fromtab to riff).

The Guitar Riffer made a substantial upgrade in the accuracy of format conversion, reproduction of details, compatibility and so on.

Other news in 2.5 Update:

Add Half Mute sample group in Ample Metal Eclipse library, Users need to install the full installer to upgrade.
New Tab Player UI, adding Tab to Riff feature.
Add 15 chord types in Strummer.

Update Celebration Event

All nine Ample Guitars are 20% off until July 16th for both single products and bundles.

Been waiting/hoping this would come for other guitars after the bass release. Free update too. Thank you.
agree but your youtubes are WORTHLESS. Come on, do a decent walkthru, take 10 or 20 minutes and show how to use the riffer...

I have 5 or 6 of your guitars and still haven't updated from long ago... tuned in to get inspired, was building a large custom bundle and came away shaking my head, "WTF???" Please do a real demo/walkthru. Riffer... please...

Pretty please?
Just a reminder...

-Ample Guitar 20% off until July 16th: http://amplesound.net/en/purchase.asp

-Don't forget to update your Ample Sound's product if you want to take advantage of Riffer : http://amplesound.net/en/account.asp

-Last but not least, if you want to try our latest product, Ample Ethno Ukulele (AEU), you can download the full trial here: http://amplesound.net/en/download.asp


I've downloaded riffer and have no idea how to use it. I can't even get it included in the UI for AME.
Anyone on here able to throw me a bone and advise me on how to do this? I'm using Logic.
Also to the OP, Vastman had some valid points about the "tutorials" and your response was to ignore it by further plugging the product that people are struggling to use. Show a bit of integrity, recognise the criticism and address it, I'm sure more people would appreciate that than you further plugging the product. Thanks
AME need to be downloaded again (full version):

"Add Half Mute sample group in Ample Metal Eclipse library, Users need to install the full installer to upgrade."
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