AMD working on a 64/128 Beast for TR4


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I just read something disappointing making the purchase of a cherry picked OC’d Matisse a waste of time.
I’m cancelling my order, getting a refund and buying East/West POP Brass.

One CPU burned up and died during the review, the 3700X I want won’t clock above 4.1GHz on all cores making my purchase a waste of money.

Sorry my brothers, I’m waiting for the Intel’s.
Besides, I just built a new 4790k PC using the last CPU on that series I have.

Matisse sure looks great on single threaded Cinebench tests.
But you can’t use DRAM Above 3733, all cores overclocks aren’t that good, and this is a reviewer who doesn’t collect ES Samples, often pisses off Intel and Tier One Manufacturers.
Just found the post I think you're referring to. So it seems that if you're are not into overclocking then the new Ryzen still could be a good choice for most tasks - but who knows for audio since we still need to see Dawbench results- but if you want 5GHz(through overclocking) then Intel will still take the crown. Very interesting. Everyone is claiming an AMD win here but we need to let the waters settle a little to see what the real world results tell us. I know Intel well, I worked for a 3rd party company that contracted with Intel to help developers optimize for their CPU technologies at the same time that Opteron came out to give them a scare. What I do know is they are a company that takes competition seriously and will come back with a vengeance, like they did with Opteron. Just look at how long it took AMD to catch up since then. What a lot of people don't realize is that these companies, at least Intel, have 7 year+ roadmaps. It's not like they don't have a solution on the table, it's just a matter of how far they are willing to jump ahead in their roadmap to respond to the threat. Good news it drives prices down for us consumers and gives us a jump start to new technology that we normally wouldn't have seen for a few years from now.
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Not an OC enthusiast but every CPU on the market works better from 3-400 extra MHz. The DRAM gets snappier too.
I bought non k Intel CPUs because even though they were sold as “locked” that’s marketing slang for you can overclock it.
I bought a 3770 non k and got 4GHz from a tick in voltage.
Bought a 4770 S and went from 3.6-4.0GHz with a tick too.

But pre paying for a CPU that is a high binned OC diamond that can’t be overclocked on all cores as fast as the single core turbo reaches, or dies at 3733 DRAM, just seems like it’s being given meth to stay awake.

I’ll wait for 2020 and Intel.


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Megahertz do not tell the whole history…
AMD improved the efficiency a lot in the new CPUs, with the new
architecture improvement/rebalance is hard to tell how it behaves
for audio workloads by looking into other benchmarks.

DPC latency time depends on a lot of things from drivers to BIOS/Windows
settings and I doubt very much that the PC in the reviews are specially tweaked
for audio workloads, tweaks like disabling C-States in the BIOS and setting
Windows 10 Power Plan to Ultimate.

Different from Intel, Ryzen 3000 series are already overclocked
from factory, the golden days of overclocking are over for AMD
and Intel will do the same.

If all goes well, Pete Kaine will do a DAWbench test by the end of the week.
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