AMAZING REVERB 99$ offer ends today !!!!


my office these days
missed that announcement - too late to give it a try at the intro price - might be for the better, I've got too many reverb plugins already, not that this trivial detail has stopped me in the past<G>!
ed buller

ed buller

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@ed buller , what does it work better for? what about CPU use?

I have many good reverbs, but, always open for suggestions. Thanks!

Works for everything I have thrown at it sofar. Much more realistic than every verb I have. And very simple to use. Sounds as good as something 100 times the price TBH. No nasty ringing or phasing. Simple controls



Per Boysen

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I was going to buy it, but ouch... my iLook is still not found after moving the HQ last year. Seems I have to skip over this one.


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OK, this is plugin is going on my TOP list for the year, along with Valhalla Delay (and one or two others). I didn't think I'd ever find something I'd like better than Valhalla Vintage Verb. In fact, that plugin is largely retired now, thanks to Sonsig. Why? Because VVV has this mid-range build up that has to be accounted for, whereas Sonsig is just easy to dial in and sounds so smooooooth.

Is Sonsig perfect? No - I wish it had more control over the frequencies, and I'd like to be able to see the values as I dial them in (yes, it supposed to be by ear, but I like numbers, too). Does it sound WAY more expensive than the current $99 sale. Abso-frickin'-lutely. I'm continually blown away.

GET THIS REVERB. Especially before the sale is over on Aug 31
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I was about to pull the trigger as it sounds amazing but when listening to the demos on kvr I had the impression that similar results can be achieved with Blackhole reverb which I have. However Relab is more warm and, as @ed buller, said not tinny. Please correct me.

And if someone has both, is it worth getting Relab? Thanks


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Blackhole is an effect reverb. Sonsig is a general purpose reverb.

If Blackhole meets your reverb needs, then that's that. If you want or need more flexibility, including short reverbs, this is one to consider.


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I downloaded the demo and A B'ed it with FF ProR, Valhalla Room and the RC 224-480's. While it sounds good, it adds nothing special or unique to what I already have.


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I downloaded the demo and A B'ed it with FF ProR, Valhalla Room and the RC 224-480's. While it sounds good, it adds nothing special or unique to what I already have.
My reaction precisely ……… no specific criticisms, just nothing special at all compared to range of respected reverbs collected over time.
Valhalla gets much use, but many others incl Blackhole, NI_ K12U, several Plugin Alliance …...


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I felt exactly the same when demoing it. Then I bought it. And over time the other reverbs have fallen away. Now it's either Nimbus or Sonsig. Or Blackhole or Shimmer if I need an effect.

The difference is not huge. However, there's something special about Sonsig to my ears. But , that's me! Lots of great reverbs out there.


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Thanks @ed buller I would have missed this opportunity otherwise.
I thought I had all the reverbs I needed but Sonsig RevA was so awesome. It's somewhere between D16 Toraverb and Exponential Audio R2, but with freeze added.

Francis Bourre

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Was not fully convinced after some demo. Sound is not bad, UI is intuitive, but nothing groundbreaking. Btw, the price is fair.