Always having to reconnect my instances in Vienna Ensemble Pro... Normal? You too?

Hi there,

I have a typical master / slave setup with two macs (one macbook pro, master, one mac pro, slave).

All works fine on my slave when I save my templates in Vienna Ensemble Pro Server. They load with all the instruments, samples and midi channels.

But when I close my projects in my DAW (on my master) and I re-open them at some point, it's always the same mess:

The instances are not connected anymore. So I reconnect them. One by one.

I have following IP adresses: for my master sub net for my slave sub net

Do you have the same problem? Is it normal? Or is there an auto-connect kind of feature?

Screenshot VEP.png


*By the way, I have one single eLicenser USB Key which is plugged into my slave. Not on my master macbook, that's why there is written "DEMO" on the top left corner. Maybe it has something to do with this? I would have to buy another eLicenser USB Key then.


I don't think the Demo issue and instances connections are linked.

I have the second problem, and spoke about it here:

I contacted the support and they insisted that there is something must be blocking the network connection, a firewall or antivirus or some settings.
I disabled all my firewall settings and antivirus, I couldn't figure the reasons.
I failed and they failed me. It's been months and I'm living now with reconnecting my instances manually each session.

I'm following.


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Did you try to click on 'Vienna Ensemble Pro 7' in the plugin window you showed ? There is an option 'Reconnect All'. It doesn't always work but maybe it will for you.


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Following. For me existing project do connect fine. But if I open a new instance of VE Pro, it does not find any instances. I always have to type the IP manually to connect to the VE Pro Server. Not as large a problem as yours, but still a bit inconvenient and not ideal.