CLOSED Altiverb 7 for sale

Jos Wylin

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Hi all,

I posted this thread a couple of days ago, but obviously in the wrong place. At this moment, I'm negotiating with a member to sell the plugin. As soon as the deal is finished (positive or negative) I'll come back here to let you know.

Original text:

I’ve purchased Altiverb 7 some 3 years ago, but I haven’t been using it ever since. I still prefer the IR-plugins I’m used to (MIR, VSS, Vienna Suite) and I’m very much pleased with the result. That doesn’t mean that Altiverb isn’t good enough, it’s one of the best IR-plugins on the market. (Read some reviews!)

Altiverb is a pretty sophisticated and good IR-plugin used by many (professional) composers to shape the playing room and positioning the instruments of the orchestra in depth. It provides clearly defined impulse responses with which the produced sounds give the exact reflections needed to create the room acoustic (and if necessary the reverb tail as well). If you’re not familiar with Altiverb, please visite their website to have an overview.

Altiverb comes with dozens of well known and very particular room impressions (churches, concert halls, chambers, rooms, special venues like cars, plains…). It requires a iLok dongle with the license. You can always download a free version of Altiverb from their website The price however comes with the license to make it full featured. Altiverb regularly posts new venues for free for the licensed users.

When I sell it, I only provide the license which I will have to transfer to the new user’s iLok-key. (I can't offer mine, because I still have other plugins running with it.) The key is necessary to have it work. The cost of the transfer (about € 25) will be at my expense. I have had the permission from Aram Woest, owner and designer of Altiverb, to sell my version.
The actual price is € 499. I would sell it for € 200.

Best regards,
Jos Wylin