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All VI Freebie contributions Here!


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A while ago I sampled our likely over 100-year-old Daynes-Beebe upright piano from over in Utah. 2 dynamic layers, and I tried out a little experiment to give it 4 round robins without blowing up the sample size. It crossfades second-long 'attack' samples with longer sustained samples. I had to do tiny bits of moving the audio a few samples left or right to greatly reduce phasing problems on lower notes. There's still a bit of audible phasing here and there transitioning between layers. I also might have put the 2nd dynamic layer too high in velocity.

It's fairly dry too, and I sampled it by pointing the microphones down through the opened lid.

It's in SFZ format, 48 khz 16 bit wav, and public domain.
download (select 'download through browser')
lazily put together demo


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TX, love me Bazille and the deritives.

@Kussniemi Just a note we also have a freebie thread pinned on the virtual synth forum below, please feel free to post there as well.


Hey guys,

Decided to share a few patches and sounds through my new site,

15 wav samples and 25 patches for the light version of u-he Bazille (BazilleCM, Beatzille and what different names it has). I am told the patches do work with the full Bazille also.


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Wine Glasses is a simple Kontakt Instrument which includes a very small sampleset of a wine glass being bowed and flicked. It includes 3x dynamic levels with 4x round robins. This instrument has only been sampled at the one pitch but using Kontakts pitch shifting abilities it has been stretched to several octaves. It has been recorded in a very dry environment and I recommend using reverb!




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Anyone mention the new Virtual Playing Orchestra Version 2? Paul Battersby took the best available free samples and worked them over for cohesion and then looped the sustains. This along with the VSCO2 are my fave free sfz orchestras and of course Alpine for Kontakt users. Quite small and could be good for sketching and laptopping. Surprisingly good sound for the cost, free, and size. And don't worry I had nothing to do with making it.

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