All Things Funky


Hi All,

I'm looking to write some funky tracks, and wondered what your favourite libraries were for this sort of music. I'm thinking:

B3 organ, clavinet, rhodes, wurlitzer

Electric Bass


Possibly some horns (a la Stevie Wonder)

Thanks in advance!


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Drumdrops have some kits which really nail classic sounds, including one for 70s funk. Probably Orange Tree stuff for the bass and guitar - they have some Fender samples.

Horns are a good question... how big a horn section do you want, trumpet/sax/trombone or something larger?


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I've been through them all in the search of the right line up. My current virtual Jazz/Funk line up is:

Organ - UVI B-5 Organ, best one I've used so far!

Clav, Whurli, Rhodes etc.. - Keyscape, perfect for this style, sounds authentic and covers all bases.

Guitars - Orange Tree Jazz Archtop and Evolution Strawberry, Scarbee Funk Guitarist sometimes (and usually play a real guitar too)

Bass - Ample P and Ample J and Ample Upright, all you need really is covered between these 3.

Drums - Superior Drummer 3 with Roots SDX for the Jazz option

Horns - most effective and easiest to blend with the above for me is Session Horns Pro from NI (alto sax is pretty good in here too). With some tweaks and using the individual patches these are stunning. I also use Sample modelling Trumpet and Trombone for solos.

Extras: Pure Jazz Vibes and Passion Flute from Orange Tree

I turn off all default instrument reverb and use UAD Ocean Way and the Lexicon 224 reverb's to blend them into the same space.

Hope that helps!


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I HATE HATE HATE roundwound strings on basses in real life, but even I will admit that roundwounds and J-basses are defintiely the traditional sound for funk. Definitely roundwound.


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The new Arturia V collection can cover the keys and organ even has some vintage synths there too