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Hello. Is the woodwind still available?
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I'll pay all fees (Paypal fee, transfer fee, vendor fee). Thank you!

-Slate Verbsuite Classics by Liquidsonics: $125 (I pay the ilok fee). Liquidsonics' awesome Bricasti impulses are included, for anyone not familiar with the plugin.

-Native Instruments Symphony Series Woodwinds Solo & Ensemble (Full not Crossgrade): $125


TC VSS3 reverb: SOLD!
Sugar-bytes Cyclop: SOLD!
Sugar-bytes Artillery 2: SOLD!
Voxengo Elephant: SOLD!
Heavyocity Damage: SOLD!
Zynaptiq Wormhole: SOLD!
NI Symphony Series Brass Ensembles & Solo: SOLD!
Relab VSR S24: SOLD!
Zynaptiq Intensity: SOLD!
Eventide Physion: SOLD!
NI Symphony Series Percussion Essentials: SOLD!
NI Symphony Series Percussion Full: SOLD!
Liquidsonics Seventh Heaven: SOLD!
Auddict Master Brass: SOLD!
Chris Hein Woodwinds Compact: SOLD!
Soundiron Olympus Choir Full-Venus/Mars: SOLD!
NI Action Strings: SOLD!
NI Emotive Strings: SOLD!
NI Thrill: SOLD!
Is the woodwinds still available?


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Thank you, Richard! That was a quick and problem-free deal we just made :) I will be more than happy to do business with you some other time. Thanks again :)