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Albion 1 vs updates - Why so many prefer the old version?


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It's a moving target and IMO, in part, it depends on what string library you were working with immediately prior to auditioning the next one.

Here's an example:
NI Symphony Series --> Albion ONE = Yuck. These Albion strings sounds like a synth.
Albion ONE --> NI Symphony Series = My god. These NI strings sound thin and raw. Yuck.

The ear likes to fool us. FWIT, I like the sound of both Albions. There's also the pack mentality of VI control influencing our opinions. Read enough posts exclaiming that the strings "sound like a synth" and you'll start to "hear' it too. ;)

He's right imo.


I don't even own a DAW, I'm just a troll.
I felt shortchanged when I bought Legacy just to get the original ONE deal. I still feel that way. I could have definitely just gone with Legacy.

That said, I use Iceni just as much, of course quite a bit more for the low stuff. They all have that room sound...just use 'em together and you have a more than adequate sketch.


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It is a complete mystery to me. For strings, I've always thought Albion 1 was a big ol' synth with unbelievable amounts of room noise, which I've never found an appealing combination for some reason. Indeed I've never heard anything convincing come out of it. Albion ONE is in another league - fantastic expressive shorts, buttery legatos. The brass and woods do very little for me, mind, but happy enough just to have it for the strings.
I'm on the same side Guy, I love Albion One especially the strings. They are consistently powerful and my goto to for sketching which I may keep replace and/or layer as the cue develops. I guess everyone has a different aesthetic obviously. Follow your ears...


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I used the Albion legacy low sordinos in a recent track and they were the best strings I had to produce a wonderful smooth airy sound out of everything I had. They are fantastic! :thumbsup:

So while I don't agree with @Guy Rowland on Albion legacy strings not sounding good, I *do* also totally agree that Albion One strings sound great sometimes. They don't sound synthy to me, more just like a bigger section in a good room.
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