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Air Music Tech Loom, Hybrid, and The Riser Bundle now $9.99


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Up to 95% off Air Music Tech, including the Super Synth Pack with Loom, Hybrid, and The Riser for $9.99 instead of $199:

Up to 80% off Nomad Factory, including the Blue Tubes Bundle for $69 and the Blue Tubes Oilcan Echo for $19:

Up to 75% off SONiVOX, now $19 for Eighty Eight Ensemble and $29 for The Compilation instrument bundle:

58% off Harrison AVA Multiband Compressor, now $29 instead of $69:

50% off GRM Tools Creative Bundle, now $49 instead of $99:

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BE CAREFUL with buying Air/Sonivox plugins. Some of them is not an issue, but many of them have faulty installers (it's the outdated PACE installer that's causing issues, because it's not compatible with a new update of windows 10). It will cause your PC to NOT be able to boot again.
Some people are lucky that the start up repair fixes it, other people less lucky.
Pluginboutique has already removed lots of the installers for purchase and download.
Some air/sonivox products are not having problems, but many do. From the ones listed here, I can tell you to not get Eighty Eight Ensemble.

However if you do decide to buy it, there is a fix to the issue.
Here's what you should do.
1. Install all the plugins.
2. Go to apps
3. Pick "recently installed"
4. Choose the PACE installer and UNINSTALL IT (If you don't, your PC will have trouble booting again)
5. Install ILOK/PACE from downloading the most recent version

If Air/Sonivox have provided you (JRR Shop) with updated installers, please do correct me (highly doubt it, since plugin boutique still hasn't updated the installers). If not, please consider removing these from purchase! Customers shouldn't have to deal with this!

If you're on MAC there shouldn't be any issues
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Thank you! I will add a message to our site about this and will advise people to only purchase if they are Mac users.


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When you say "5. Install ILOK/PACE from downloading the most recent version", are you referring to the following link?



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It's OK, I added the warning and instructions to our site just in case. Better safe than sorry for things that aren't crucial. I'll change our site back once I hear back from them.
??..I use these in Windows 10 with no issues..

Loom and hybrid are pretty awesome..

Due to a major incompatibility issue with various AIR Music Technology software and a recent Windows 10 update, we have made the decision to remove all affected products from sale at Plugin Boutique while we await updated installers which will fix this problem. As a result of this, we DO NOT recommend Windows 10 users download and install any AIR Music Technology software, excluding the products listed with the downloads here.​

I have Hybrid, but haven't tried installing it. But that installer is not on plugin boutique anymore either, so figured it was the same issue with that one.
I can only personally speak for Sonivox Orchestral Companion plugin bundle.

Edit: Just checked, and Hybrid and Loom installers are on plugin boutique, so those should indeed be fine.

These are the Air/Sonivox plugin that are causing issues..


Structure 2
Creative FX Collection plus
Loom Classic


Orchestral Companion - Strings
Orchestral Companion - Brass
Orchestral Companion - Woodwinds
Eigthy Eight Ensemble
Big Bang Universal Drums
Big Bang Cinematic Percussion
Atsia Percussion
Blue Jay Drums
Bright Electric Guitar
Classic Bass
FM Piano
Harpsi Chord
Session Drums 1
Silk Road Percussion
Taylor Acoustic Guitar
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