Acronis was killing my slave machine


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I was having nonstop clicks and pops on my Windows 10 VEP slave machine, and I finally traced it to a TON of background services running from my Acronis 2017 backup software (which I thought was manual only.) Here is how you kill those if you have this problem:

1. Click the Windows icon then type "Services." Launch that app.
2. You'll see a giant list of services. If you sort by Name, all the Acronis bullshit should be on the top
3. Right click on any of those, click "Properties"
4. Change the Startup Type in the menu to "Disabled"
5. Repeat for all of the other junk.

If you're still having problems, right click the Windows (Start) button and choose "Task Manager." Sort by CPU to see what is happening in the background.

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I've had constant problems with Acronis. As soon as anything goes wrong like my NAS is off and it tries to back up or a drive gets full, it freaks out and potentially deletes or corrupts all backups. Can't stop it unless I restart all of the services or just restart my computer. The only reason I keep using it is because I paid for it. When I did need to restore it did work and as long as I babysit it it's OK.


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The longer you leave any app on your PC the larger space it requires.
My Avast Premier Suite and Acronis are such great apps I don’t mind reinstalling both whenever I put my PCs back online for new libraries or software downloads.
Even Tonec IDM is removed.

While you might find a replacement for Acronis it won’t have the excellent 3rd party tools or cloud services that transfer data at such a high rate, and these apps will grow as they collect data too.

Especially “free” apps.


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I abandoned acronis 5+ years ago after it failed a couple times to restore its own backups. And it was getting bloated. Had macrium reflect pro ever since. Never had any issues with it. There's a free version. Macrium is very fast and reliable (but more techie), but doesn't have cloud backup (maybe it can now? Dunno).


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I like to use Macrium Reflec from Sergei Strelec's WinPE for Windows(bootable USB)