Accounting Software Recommendations?


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Its that time of year again - Tax time! And believe it or not, I'm still running Quicken 2005 on an old macbook. But unfortunately it can no longer connect to my financial records and automatically download my transactions anymore (guess its too old / changes in security) so I'm having to enter all my purchases for the year by hand. Painfully tedious...

So I'm looking for a new solution. What programs are you using for your taxes, that hopefully automatically enter all your credit card / bank transactions and you just have to categorize them as business expenses or not. I’m on a Mac but feel free to share recs for our PC friends as well. I was thinking of just continuing with Quicken, but it now subscription and costs $35 a year, which would be fine for a DAW, but really how many new features are there in the accounting world that require a subscription? Plus I read many bad reviews in the past about Quicken's Mac support, which is why I'm still on 2005, but maybe that has changed?

Anyway, suggestions welcome before I just bite the bullet and stick with Quicken.
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In Australia I use a subscription service called Xero. I believe it’s available in the US. It is brilliant and saves me hours of work. I used to use Quicken desktop. I get daily bank feeds so my reconciliation is almost automatic. However, for complex businesses a desktop version is always more mature and feature rich but Xero serves me fine.


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I don't know if it does everything you need, but I use Jumsoft Money to manage my finance. The old one, because I’m still not convinced by the new UI. It's Mac-like, fast, clear.



I am also using Akaunting but the recent Version 2 update has been hit with so many bugs that I suggest sticking to the older version 1.16 for a few more weeks until it is sorted.

Another free app I recently discovered is frappebooks. I haven't tried it but it looks interesting!


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I've been using Wave, which is a web app that has worked out pretty well for my needs so far. The basic accounting features and invoice creation are free, and then they offer paid options for accepting payments, payroll, etc.

Hoping they stick with that business model, since they were recently acquired by H&R Block.

The only thing I don't like is that Capital One automatic transaction imports haven't been working for many months (they're theoretically working on it). As far as I know, other banks & credit cards still work smoothly.


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Another free app I recently discovered is frappebooks. I haven't tried it but it looks interesting!
Good find! I'm going to check this out. Seems to be an Electron app so if I need to tinker with the source code it shouldn't be too hard :)