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Abyss Soundtrack from newbie


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Hi, I'm a self-taught composer, I'm 23 y.o and over the past few years I've written a lot of electronic/orchestral music, but I've never shown it to people who really understand the topic, and I really don't know why (I regret it). I sincerely wonder if I am so bad or good at writing some kind of "complex" music, because I still write it by ear and do not yet have the theoretical knowledge to say for sure that I have everything right. In many ways, I ask this question to understand what is wrong, because no matter how much music I write, I am actually almost not listened to, especially when it comes to "classical" music, so maybe I am too self-confident and should be put in my place.

My main sources of inspiration right now:
Yoshihiro Kanno (Angel Egg) and Yuka Kitamura (Dark Souls)

And so, here are a few different compositions, mostly non-electronic, because in my electronic music I rely less on unusual scales and in general they sound less diverse:

Song 1 (Eternal dreams) -

Song 2 (In The Coffin Waits Paradise) -

Song 3 (Cometh The Sun Goddess) -

Song 4 (Eduard The Great) -

And some of my electronic music for a change. Basically I was trying to combine the influences of Carpenter Brut and Justice with Chorales and a generally ecclesiastical/classical atmosphere:

Song 5 (Averia) -

I am waiting for your feedback and thank you for your attention!
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