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About how i feel too


The "rushing through Disneyland" analogy is spot on.

It's like every track is a medley of an album.

He keeps interrupting great ideas... drives me insane haha.
His music is already so interesting, I wouldn't mind a repetitive pop structure for my simple brain ;)

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I don't know anything about this guy, other than that he seems to pop up often in conversation. That article pretty much confirms the rough impression I'd formed of him....


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On a side note, I went to school with Daniel Elder, and his music really is that good.
I agree with the criticism of the '5 totally different songs in one' approach - I think time will bring a bit more emotional and structural refinement. Having said that, a lot of the rest of the review seems to trip over mis-used terminology and generally follows the line of 'I've decided I don't like this guy or his voice or his more-complex-than-usual pop music' and seems a bit sad rather than objective.

I think it's quite possible to acknowledge that :
1) Jacob Collier is possibly one of (if not the) most exciting musical talent in a generation, and there are some sublime moments on Djesse
2) His stuff at the moment is a bit unfocussed and indulgent.

- both can be true.

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Well I don’t know if this is particular to him... but it is a symptom of our ADD, zero-attention-span, seizure inducing looping .gif culture. Perhaps it’s more a reflection of that.

Brutal review. Lol wow. Now I’m intrigued to give a listen.
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Considering the dude is almost exactly my age, I can't even begin to imagine how challlenging it must be to know and love all this theory stuff, play all these instruments this well and also write your own music. There just has to be something where he needs to develop, and apparently that is structure and accessible dramaturgy.
His other chops are out of this world, and once he gets a grip on his songwriting I am sure his music will be emotionally amazing as well.

Enjoyed his first album much more than the second one, but you can just hear that he is totally overwhelmed by all the possibilities and genres and just wants to do them all. Because he can.
He is experimenting a lot, doing a lot of things for the first time. And he is just having way too much fun doing that. He will grow tired of that eventually.
Give him a couple of years, and he might just blow everyones mind.

I am still gonna listen to anything he puts out there. It is fun to watch someone this talented discovering and enjoying music in this way and there is a lot to learn in between as well.

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I’m gonna go on a limb here and say that partly some of it comes from no one likes to be lectured by a kid. He’s definitely perceived that way and it’s just schmaltzy and too uncomfortably sterile to hear the inexperienced preaching about love or passion.
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