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Ableton Rewire to replace VEP?

Dr Sabs

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Hey everyone,

So in my current system I use Vienna Ensemble Pro (VEP) to host symphonic instruments on my 2 slave computers, and I also use a local instance of VEP to run my synth plugins (for when I'm working on film projects and i want to keep consistency with the sounds across cues).

I was contemplating trying out rewire in Ableton Live to replace my local instance of VEP, and was wondering if anyone else does that, what are the pros and cons, and thoughts regarding making the switch.

Looking forward to hearing your responses!

José Herring

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Go for it. It is way easier to use than VEPro. It does have a few minor inconveniences but not to many.

Pro's. Super convenient. Works well. You can use Live in its full power and still use Cubase. So you have two DAWS working side by side in near perfect harmony.

Con's. The Rewire DAW can really mess up the settings of your main DAW if you're not careful. Though it's pretty easy to be careful. Rewire doesn't fully flow tempo changes. There's a bit of a lag that I've experienced so you have to work around that. Not really noticeable but if you have Live playing a loop and it has a delay on it and you set a tempo change in Cubase, good luck with that.

Also, I haven't used Live in a while but if you have compound meters it will kind of be hit and miss as to whether the bars will stay in sink. Mostly I think is because Cubase handles meters like 7/8 in a really unusual way. I don't know if this was fully fixed in Live. I used Rewire with Reason more than live and there was some attempt to fix this problem but then Reason abandoned Rewire now so, no more problem.

One other thing, no matter what i did, when I rewired Reason it would always reset my tempo and meter in Cubase. That was the annoying deal killer. I don't know if Live would do the same.
Dr Sabs

Dr Sabs

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Cool thanks for the info. It seemed like Rewire may be a more CPU and RAM friendly alternative to a local instance of VEP so I'll definitely give it a try and see how it goes
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