Aaron Venture Infinite Brass


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How many staccato RR samples are recorded x instrument? Or dos this library chandler repetition in a different way
No staccato overlays here. Every instrument is always a single voice.Every instrument is always a single voice.

Everything is done in real time via the script, and the many parameters that have a play in note attacks are different every time you press a note. Technically, 16 384 (128 x 128) possible combinations.


I really want to buy this product, but there are not many user demo videos.
Then buy it and make one :D
What is holding you back? What do you need to know before you want to buy? Everybody who bought it and is active here seems to enjoy it. :)


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How does it compare to CSB? Is the sound as good? I love the features this library seems to offer, just not 100% convinced yet. I'll probably wait for Cory's upcoming video, his Spotlights always show the libraries' possibilities really well...


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Currently hunting for a copy of kontakt 5 so I can buy this...

can't wait to try to make a brandt trumpet concerto mockup with it :)
@EugenioBruno Are you still looking for Kontakt 5?

I do believe I have a license for it since I am now on Kontakt 6 :)

Let me know...

UPDATE: My apologies as I mistook this for my Reaktor 5 license
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