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A Tip for Glyph Drive Users


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This may be common knowledge for some, but I thought I would pass it along anyway...

The other day, one of my Glyph drives (GT050Q 1TB) started smoking. Literally smoke was coming out of the side accompanied by a nasty electrical burning smell! I unplugged the thing immediately.

I have no idea how to get one of these repaired, so I decided to just crack the case and see if it was something obvious. This required a screwdriver with a Torx head, so I picked one up at Home Depot for $5.99.

When I cracked the case I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a standard-issue Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm SATA drive inside. It turns out a Glyph drive is just a chassis with power supply and connectors for SATA, USB 2.0 and FW400 (see pic - highlighted area is where the drive was before I removed it).


In my case, the electrical problem was due to a short in the hard drive power cable (it was melting / smoking), so I thought I might be able just to replace it. However, it is not a standard connector, so I couldn't find a replacement at the local Micro Center.

However... I WAS able to get a new chassis / case for the hard drive - just a generic external SATA hard drive enclosure. And this one supports USB 3.0 too. :-D

So, not only did I salvage my dead hard drive, I also upgraded it to USB 3.0.

I thought this tip might come in handy for anyone else who has trouble with their Glyph drive.



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Nice salvage job.
Used Glyphh years ago.
Bought low and sold high.
Never knew back then what drives I used.
Had my PC's built for me.
These days guys gotta roll up their sleeves to keep the boat afloat...
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