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A tech question for you seasoned videocast guys...

Ben E

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Forgive me if this isn’t the right forum for this question, but the guys who post in this forum are the most qualified to answer.

I want to be able to video chat with a buddy (like Skype) where he can see my DAW — that is, my computer screen — while I’m talking. I don’t need him to be able to hear my DAW, just see where my mouse goes, what menus I’m accessing etc. while I’m talking to him. If he hears my DAW it would just be the crummy sound that was captured by the mic. That’s fine.

A bonus would be for me to see his DAW at the same time, for the conversation to be symmetrical this way.

A double bonus would be for each of us to see each others’ DAW and face, like how some live stream tutorials are set up — but rather than being a recording, be a live two-way chat.

Is this possible? Is it obvious and I’m just spacing? Or is it near-impossible and I’m just dreaming?


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Zoom is a great video chat application for that and I believe the free version may work. Google Hangouts might an alternative.
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