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A plea to Spitfire... (POLL added)

Would it be of value to you if Spitfire made MIDI files for their demos available, where possible?

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Ok guys - I can't resist it.... so here you go......... WE TOLD YA!!!! :elephant:

Just over 12 months later... but here it is. Christian came good on his promise and delivered. This was a thread in which I politely asked Christian if he would be open to releasing Midi and/or Logic files for his company demos. He agreed, but what followed was what is unfortunately not an isolated occurrence, where musicians look down on those looking to learn. The thread was dripping with elitism and patronizing dismissal. Re-reading, I've still no idea what elicited this vitriol (cough, elitism, cough), but I satisfy myself with today's outcome. TODAY - Christian officially confirmed that he will be releasing the Logic files for the demo track he wrote for BBCSO! A great outcome, that he generously agreed to, in response to a polite request, but in delivering the BBCSO on their new platform, facilitated so much more.

So, yes a great outcome. But, oh, it gives me great pleasure to re-read these comments now, in light of Spitfire's announcement. They haven't aged well:
  • JohnG:
    • It's nonsense. It's not practical for all the reasons people have described and it's downright obnoxious to the creator, in my opinion."
    • "downright childish to dismiss the technical impediments to sharing midi files. They are innumerable..."
    • "a reflection of inexperience and naivety to think that unscrupulous actors would not take advantage of such midi files"
    • "Some posts here are skating rather close to entitlement. They’re sound libraries, not GarageBand."
    • Garry keeps brushing off not only the technical difficulties (which others have enumerated) but, even worse, the outright rudeness of requiring employees to hand over their midi files."
  • Lee Blakse:
    • "I think it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to release MIDI session files that would accurately reproduce the sound of various demos."
    • "If these sessions get released, it's a safe bet that Spitfire tech support will be tied up with questions coming in about why the session won't work or load. It'll be an additional drain on their resources."
  • Quantum7:
    • "Why should composers who have practiced day and night for many years give away there acquired knowledge "trade secrets" to a newbie who hasn't even hardly any understanding of what he or she is even doing with the sample library anyway?"
  • ABalvin:
    • "In my opinion you are paying the developers for their libraries. You are not paying them to TEACH YOU how to use them"
  • Playz123:
    • "A demo file of 'something' useful...no problem. A demo of one written exclusively for the developer as a published "demo"...no."
  • Zolhof:
    • "I know it can be a bit overwhelming to actually put an effort in your work"
  • Wolfie2112:
    • "why is it up to the developer to hold your hand through the orchestration process?"
And johnbusbymusic... yes, I enjoyed this thread too... I just had a year to wait! :2thumbs:

Thanks guys - those named above can now safely return to my ignore list :)

But most of all, thanks Christian! For everything, but particularly for 11:52 in this video:

Oh that was awkward...

Mike Greene

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Being controversial is one thing, and under some circumstances, maybe even writing a post where you call out other members for being "wrong" could make for an interesting discussion. Maybe. But then putting these same people all on "ignore" so that you don't have to subject yourself to hearing their counter-arguments ... that's the opposite of "discussion," and that's not what this forum is about.

Worse, it creates animosity, and this is how grudges are born. Or apparently already were born and now acted upon. That spells trouble, so I'm putting Garry on time-out.

Honestly, I'm not sure that's the right decision, but this was getting ugly in a hurry, so I think this is the quickest way to put a stop to it.
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Good choice Mike.

Garry seems to like these pointless wars. I've been trying to avoid, but is hard sometimes when it creeps into other threads. :(

I'm amazed that he would go to the effort of collating all those quotes from previous posts, and then promptly fail to find any irony in his own "patronising dismissal" comment. :shocked:
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