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A new library is done!


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I think I'll pass that one. Have enough solo fart libraries already though the price is fair.
Was really counting for fart ensemble.


This was quite an expensive library to produce. The close mics had to be destroyed after every session.


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Na, how can he do legato when sampling just "a" note?!
That's so ignorant about the complexity of this instrument. Didn't you know that all different notes could be played depending on how hard the player blows and how the butt-cheeks are stretched apart??!! Yes the instrument range might be limited to one octave only but not to "a" single note.
Since homage has already been paid to this artist via video I will bookmark this thread with humility.

In memory of:

"Joseph Pujol (* June 1, 1857 in Marseille; † August 8, 1945) was an art farter known as the "Fartomaniac" and by his pen name Le Pétomane."
"Already in his youth, Pujol discovered his talent for sucking in water, and later air, by controlling his intestinal sphincter, and expelling it again in the form of odorless intestinal sounds, modulating pitch or blowing out candles, later also using a hose or playing wind instruments with his butt during his stage performances."
(Source: Wikimedia).

The pitch modulation seems to me to be worth mentioning here. From the point of view of sound science, pitch modulation is, next to the roundrobins, the most important attribute to breathe life into the sound (and thus to take it away from the audience very effectively).

I would prefer semitone sampling, it just sounds more realistic. The question is also in what space. Dry or wet?
Probably dry is a bit easier to implement, not to mention the microphones used. Spill mics should also be safe to use (if the distance is right).
EW Studio 1 perhaps? The perfect room for wind instruments!

Ultimately, the process of intestinal wind is causally equivalent to that of burping.
A combination of both is questionable in real life, absolutely desirable from the composer's point of view. That gives only so correctly salt into the soup (at this point a dear greeting to Nick).

Fartomaniac (Burpomaniac) would also be a nice name for this new library!


I've never mentioned this on this board before. Some years ago, I was inducted into the farters hall of fame. I could do legato like no other. However, an octave was stretching it. I was the all campus farting champion back in 1972. Somehow, the captain of the football team still got more dates. Set a record for most farts from a can of beans. That record stood all the was until 1986 until someone beat it. What an asshole. I was the center fart in the October 1974 issue of Good Farting magazine.
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