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A new library is done!


What room was it recorded in? Bathroom, elevator, classroom, etc. Is this a male or female fart? Will there be an expansion for the other gender? Will there be an exotic expansion with dog farts, cow farts, etc? It it recorded open or with some kind of mute (pants). Will there be an extension for different pants? Guess the quality of the fart will depend on the early reflections. Do the samples come with scratch and sniff? Think I'll pass on this library. I can do better on my own.


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Will this blend well with my burp libraries? Also what room was this recorded in ? A master bathroom won’t have the same “atmosphere” as a half bath.


Luke, I'm your Farther... (breath in, breath out).
May the Fart be with you.

In a galaxy, fart, fart away...


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I already have several fine solo fart libraries. I am looking for large ensembles recorded in situ. Spill mics would also be helpful.


Reading this thread has inspired me to start a new work: The Symphony of Shit. The formation is in it's early stages and goes something like this:

Prelude. Fart instruments only. Going have several ostinatos. How many round robins does your articulations have? But this may be the one time where the machine gun effect is welcomed.

The 2nd movement will be adagio titled 'Constipation'. It will minimalist in style. May have some painful to listen to sections.

The scherzo 'Diarrhea', will be marked prestissimo and have lots of fast runs. Is there a run maker in your library? You can name the articulation 'laxative'. There will be a short slower stanza using the pepto articulation.

The finale will have some motifs from one of my previous compositions; Water Music'. I will finally have a use for that crap reverb I bought sometime back. Can't decide whether or not to use plunger mutes in the coda.

I can go into more detail but have to quit now. I'm pooped.

Tatiana Gordeeva

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In the spirit of this thread I invite you tonight (9:30 PM) to my virtual concert described here:

The director of the theatre has made the following announcement specially for the members of this forum. You can listen to him here:

Visit the thread above to attend to the release of my latest piece, Bladderna ;)
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