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A new library is done!


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Try to be realistic with your expectations. Close-miking this type of sample set ruins the mic.
Actually, the ol' trusty SM58 has the SPL (Perhaps that should be FPL) to handle the job. I know this to be the case, because the vocalist of the first band I was in put that little mic through hell :(

True story!


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Yesterday I recorded a fart of mine. It is an outstanding sound! You can get it for only 1 Dollar!

If you order now, you will get my fart noice for only 50 cents! :) :) :)

My friends, do not allow to forget us how funny it is, to make jokes! :)
Useless. You should have recorded at least 50 round robins to make it competitive.


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I really hope for mutes expansion, especially blowing the instrument against leather chairs...also, any pics of the recording sessions/instrument model?
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