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A New Beginning, A New Sample Library: Coming To Emergence Audio...

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Emergence Audio Team
We're excited to announce a new string library.




https://emergenceaudio.com/violin-textures-announcement/ (WATCH NOW)

https://emergenceaudio.com/violin-textures-announcement/ (<a href="https://vi-control.net/community/attachments/violin-textures_coming-soon_16x9-jpg.68926/" target="_blank"> <img src="https://data.vi-control.net/attachments/67/67711-492a3cba2d3ae1eff37f88393cac5ba7.jpg" class="bbImage " style="" alt="Violin Textures_Coming Soon_16x9.jpg" title="Violin Textures_Coming Soon_16x9.jpg" width="534" height="300" /> </a>)​
Sounds nice. Seems like small sections?

Looking forward to the walkthrough.
Hi Ron,

Thank your for the kind words 😊. Yes, it will consist of a single violin. Creating an emotionally intimate cascade of textures, we're excited to share what we've come up with.
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