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    Trying to find information on a few things I'm wondering about regarding HZ Strings but the threads are all so huge I have given up looking through them.

    Can I use HZ Strings Multi timbrally (if that's even word)? I'm not sure it can. I'm wondering how using it in VEPro works?

    Can I assign Mic Positions to CCs of my choice (I have all mics from my other libraries set up like this and have assigned each fader with specific CCs)?

    Are all the knobs assignable to CCs? I'm so used to using Spitfire libraries having faders assigned to features that I'd miss this.

    Can you purge samples to save RAM?

    When you adjust the volume of an articulation and then switch to another, will the volume change stay how you adjusted it before switching?

    They are my main questions at the moment but I'm also curious about whether there are any planned updates for it? I ask because I'd love to see a bigger selection of "Shorts" and perhaps having a tabbed page to show all Mic Positions in one go.

    I'm eager to buy HZ Strings now I have finally bought more SSD space.


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    Hope what I say here is correct (don't have HZS loaded up right now, so I can't try it out):

    Don't think so no, at least not like it's possible to do with Kontakt...((but maybe I'm wrong?!)
    Don't have VEPro though, so can't say anything to that...

    Yes, just like with Kontakt you can right click any fader, button etc. in the Spitfire Engine to remove the current CC automation and/or to learn a new one (also just like Kontakt with moving the hardware fader you want).

    Afaik that's not possible at the moment through the engine...

    When you load an articulation "set" with multiple articulations loaded at once which you can access through key-switches then yes.
    If you load only one specific articulation and later change it, the engine will automatically go back to 0.0 dB.

    They have recorded new sample earlier this year which will (hopefully) come out soon as the "HZS Pickup" (I think that's what they called it). From the Instagram videos they posted it seems that'll include new shorts of different lengths and also some new longs (higher dynamics than what it has right now)...that's all information they gave out so far I believe...
    Also don't know if that will be a payed upgrade to the core library, or free for existing users or if it will be an add-on...
    Maybe there will be more infos at the end of October with their special event in London?!
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    Thanks! Very helpful. :)
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